I sent a similar mail to the gimp-developer list last week but since
there was no feedback I assume that our developers are all too busy to
help with the documentation. So I am trying again here...

One of the goals of current GIMP development is to make the code
easier to read and understand. One way to achieve this goal is to
improve the source code structure, the other is documentation. Of
course the two should go hand in hand and that's what is happening.

The current state of documentation is online at

As you can see there's still a lot to do here (see below for some
numbers). We'd like to concentrate on documentation of the libraries
for now since the core API (app) hasn't settled enough yet.

If someone wants to contribute, there are several things you could
work on:

- Completion of the libgimp* API references

     This basically means adding gtk-doc style comments to
     undocumented functions as well as improving the introductory
     parts that are found in the tmpl directories.

- Proof-reading the existing docs

     More or less the same workflow as above. Please note that the
     comments for the libgimp PDB wrappers are generated from the PDB
     documentation that is found in tools/pdbgen/pdb.

- Addition of some introductory chapters

     This could be for example "Compiling a GIMP Plug-In" or "Porting
     a GIMP Plug-In to the 2.0 API" (Jeff Trefftzs expressed interest
     to do the latter).

There is a README in the devel-docs directory that should get you
started with gtk-doc and the tiny bits of DocBook XML you might need
to know. If you would like to help or if you have any questions please
let me and the list know about it.


PS: Below are some numbers on the current state of the documentation
    of our libraries:

   77% symbol docs coverage.
   365 symbols documented.
   110 not documented.

   21% symbol docs coverage.
    27 symbols documented.
   104 not documented.

    3% symbol docs coverage.
     2 symbols documented.
    66 not documented.
   81% symbol docs coverage.
    60 symbols documented.
    14 not documented.
  100% symbol docs coverage.
    20 symbols documented.
     0 not documented.
   84% symbol docs coverage.
   261 symbols documented.
    49 not documented.

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