* and then Sven Neumann declared....
> > I was following this tutorial:
> > http://www.obscurasite.com/artstuff/tutorials/gimp-text-outline/
> I suggest you update to 1.3.21 first. This version introduces a much

Hmmm.. tried but no joy. Can't seem to get fontconfig 2.2 installed...

> nicer way of stoking based on libart2. What I suggest you do is to
> create paths from the text object (there's a button in the text tool
> options). Then on an empty layer above the text layer, invoke
> "Edit->Stroke Path" and choose a suitable stroke width.

Well, I tried your solution and it's undoubtably a more elegant approach
but I still get the same result. Could there be somting wrong with my
brushes? - Seems that whatever I chose I get this thick default...?

many thanks..

Nick W
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