I run a system with ...
Gimp 1.2.3, Debian Woody, 700MHz PIII, Epson Stylus C60, Gimp-print driver

My machine struggles when I print high resolution images, the main system culprits, from "top" are ...

"print" ... while gimp is processing the image ready for printing &
"epson" ... while printing.

Both float around 80%-95% of CPU time, If I run any other apps the printer starts pausing etc ...

Since Debian compiles for a i386 & I have a PIII I have re-compiled Gimp, cupsys-driver-gimpprint & libgimpprint1. To my supprise this has made no difference.

After ensuring that my processor is set to PIII in the kernel, I deleted the packages then ...

apt-get build-dep xxxxx
apt-get source xxxx --build
dpkg -i xxxx.deb (generated from the previous command)

Has anyone any suggestions ?

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