I'm going to list a few minor glitches I've noticed with recent builds of
the Gimp (1.3.17-1.3.22), and I hope a few other people would either
verify or counter these items before I fill out any bug reports.

All of these issues in Gimp for Linux and Windows (except where noted).

#1 If I have 2 or more linked layers and I use the move tool to try to
move all the layers (with mouse or arrow keys), only the currently
selected layer moves as opposed to all the linked layers.  In Gimp 1.2.x,
all linked layers move together when moved.

#2 In Gimp 1.2.x, an asterisk appears next to the file name in the title
bar when changes have been made to an image.  I don't see an asterisk in
1.3.  Not a real biggie.  Was it left out on purpose?  Or am I missing a
preference setting somewhere?

#3 With an image open, do View->Info Window.  Don't close the Info Window.
 Now click on the image to give it focus and do View->Info Window again. 
The Info Window doesn't raise above the image.  Shouldn't it come to the
top and receive focus?

#4 This next one I've only seen on 1.3.22 under Windows.  In fullscreen
mode, I see no indication of a selected area (ie., no marching ants) when
I make a selection.  Note: I did pump up the ant marching speed to 75. 
I'll have to reset that and see what happens tomorrow at work.

#5 I've noticed some artifacts when doing work at high zoom levels.  To
replicate this, draw a little something (most anything will work), now
zoom in on an area.  Next select an area, copy it and move it around with
the arrow keys.
Here's what I got just now:
See all the 1 pixel high artifacts that were left behind as I moved the
image up to the left and right?  It seems this only works if your zoom
ratio becomes some exotic ratio like 167:83 as opposed to 1:4 or 4:1. 
Could this be related to Bug 124073

That's it.  Anyway, I don't mean to be nitpicky or anything.  I just
thought this is a good time to address some of these potential bugs since
we're coming upon 2.0.

Thanks for reading!
Eric Pierce
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