On Thursday 13 November 2003 2:15 pm, Sven Neumann wrote:
> "Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Dynamic keys assignment.
> >
> > Don't forget to show that extensively. IMHO, it is THE feature
> > that allows for a fast work flow in The GIMP.
> That's not even a GIMP feature but implemented on the GTK+ level
> (except some parts like saving the changed keybindings across
> sessions). Apart from that it's a lousy hack, it's disabled by
> default, very unintuitive and should be replaced by a menu editor
> better sooner than later. So, IMO, you better don't show it.
> Sven

Come on, 

there was enough noise here (on gimp-devel, at least) when it was 
disabled by default.
Before switching to a linux box at work, I used CorelPhotoPaint 
there..the "menu editor" in that software,a  fancy GUI, completely 
fails to be usefull at all, taking tenths of clicks and browsing 
through tenths of "informational strings" - total garbage - to change 
a single shortcut. 

Even more, any such editor would have to replicate the menu 
navigation, but using a different interface.How having to get to the 
same menu options under a different interface could __ever__ be 
considered simpler, or easier, or more mantainable, or more 
intuitive, is a thing to wonder about.

What could be done, and this could go in right now, is a rewrite of 
the  tooltip for "Preferences->interface->Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts"
Currently it is "when enabled you can change keyboard shortcuts to 
menu items on the fly.". Appending "by hitting a non conflicting key 
combination when the desired menu item is highlighted".

That will make it better than any separated shortcut editor I can 
think of. Anyway, if a shortcut editor is in the plans (and nothing 
was said on this or the devel  list before),  the current toggleable 
dynamic assignment should be kept.



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