"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> there was enough noise here (on gimp-devel, at least) when it was 
> disabled by default.

we didn't disable it. The GTK+ developer decided that the feature is
more harmful than useful and I tend to agree. You outlined the major
drawback yourself:
 "by hitting a non conflicting key combination when the desired menu
  item is highlighted".

There is no way you can figure out what a non-conflicting key
combination is. If there happens to be a conflict, the keybinding is
silently reassigned. This is a long-standing issue and it's a shame
that it wasn't resolved for 2.0.

The other point is that the feature is so well hidden that 99% of our
users will never figure out that it is there, let alone how to use it.

> Even more, any such editor would have to replicate the menu 
> navigation, but using a different interface.How having to get to the 
> same menu options under a different interface could __ever__ be 
> considered simpler, or easier, or more mantainable, or more 
> intuitive, is a thing to wonder about.

Press F8 (or whatever) to open the menu editor with the selected menu
item already selected. Nothing simpler than that. Such an editor would
of course allow you to do a lot more things than only reassigning
shortcuts. You could for example add a menu with your favorite
functions so you don't need to go down several levels in the menu
hierarchy to access them.

> That will make it better than any separated shortcut editor I can
> think of. Anyway, if a shortcut editor is in the plans (and nothing
> was said on this or the devel list before), the current toggleable
> dynamic assignment should be kept.

We won't see a menu editor in 2.0 but certainly in 2.2 and I am very
sure that this has been mentioned on the list.

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