Hmm...  that didn't seem to work.  Maybe I screwed something up.  Was that
supposed to gradually pixelate each layer more than the next?  I'm using
Gimp-win (I'm at work).  Each layer was equally pixelized the same amount.

Anyway, I'm not working on several layers.  Just one layer - a photo of
people.  I want it to gradually (from right to left) go from no pixelation
to slight pixelation, and then larger and larger pixelation so there would
be nice chunky squares on the left side.

Signed "Stumped"
> On Thursday 13 November 2003 1:04 pm, Eric Pierce wrote:
>> I'm trying to take a photo and have it gradually pixelate from
>> small boxes to big boxes.  Can't figure it out except for doing it
>> manually (ugh).
>> Any ideas?  Thanks for reading!
>> Eric Pierce
> <image>->filter->filter all layers,
> apply varying , and the wizard does the rest. :-)
> I just am not certain if filter all layers is always there or needs
> GIMP-GAP to be installed.
> Regards,
>       JS
>       -><-

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