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Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> "Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > there was enough noise here (on gimp-devel, at least) when it was 
> > disabled by default.
> we didn't disable it. 

It's disable by default in Gimp2. Was'nt so in Gimp1. That's all.
Joao is rigth there.

> The GTK+ developer decided that the feature is
> more harmful than useful and I tend to agree. You outlined the major
> drawback yourself:
>  "by hitting a non conflicting key combination when the desired menu
>   item is highlighted".
Because mnemonics are there now. they gives a lot of work for the translators, 
for almost nothing ... Who really use mnemonics ? (OK enough noise)

> There is no way you can figure out what a non-conflicting key
> combination is. If there happens to be a conflict, the keybinding is
> silently reassigned. This is a long-standing issue and it's a shame
> that it wasn't resolved for 2.0.
> The other point is that the feature is so well hidden that 99% of our
> users will never figure out that it is there, let alone how to use it.
Well give this nice feature a chance instead of hidding it more.

99 % of users will never figure out that it is there ? That's not true.
I think that the potential of user of this feature is more that 30%.
How many for mnemonics this stone age feature ? 1% ?? (OK enough noise)

> > Even more, any such editor would have to replicate the menu 
> > navigation, but using a different interface.How having to get to the 
> > same menu options under a different interface could __ever__ be 
> > considered simpler, or easier, or more mantainable, or more 
> > intuitive, is a thing to wonder about.
> Press F8 (or whatever) to open the menu editor with the selected menu
> item already selected. Nothing simpler than that. Such an editor would
> of course allow you to do a lot more things than only reassigning
> shortcuts. You could for example add a menu with your favorite
> functions so you don't need to go down several levels in the menu
> hierarchy to access them.
Fine, we need that !
But this has nothing to do with reassign dynamically the shortcut, because
'dynamic' is not your favorites, that is what you need more at the moment
in a session. 
Both are useful and really important in a huge program like Gimp where the 
Filters/Script-fu/Python-fu/and more from internet... menus are some kind 
of bazaar.  

> > That will make it better than any separated shortcut editor I can
> > think of. Anyway, if a shortcut editor is in the plans (and nothing
> > was said on this or the devel list before), the current toggleable
> > dynamic assignment should be kept.
> We won't see a menu editor in 2.0 but certainly in 2.2 and I am very
> sure that this has been mentioned on the list.

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