Raymond Ostertag <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It's disable by default in Gimp2. Was'nt so in Gimp1. That's all.
> Joao is rigth there.

Perhaps right about the final result but you should also know what has
happened under the hood. As I said, dynamic keybindings are a GTK+
feature. Because it has lots of drawbacks, the GTK+ developers decided
to disable it for GTK+-2.0. So what the GIMP developers did was to
reenable it.  That's the facts; please don't put this wrong.

> > The GTK+ developer decided that the feature is
> > more harmful than useful and I tend to agree. You outlined the major
> > drawback yourself:
> >   
> >  "by hitting a non conflicting key combination when the desired menu
> >   item is highlighted".
> >
> Because mnemonics are there now. they gives a lot of work for the
> translators, for almost nothing ... Who really use mnemonics ? (OK
> enough noise)

Mnemonics have been requested by the people that use GIMP a lot for
their daily work. You will agree that it is indeed a useful feature if
you ever get the chance to see how for example Jimmac makes use of it.

And you misunderstood me here. Non-conflicting key was refering to a
key that isn't assigned as a shortcut elsewhere. That is the major
problem of the current implementation of dynamic shortcuts. There is
no warning and no possibility to cancel or undo the operation if you
reassign an already assigned shortcut.

Please don't get me wrong. I know how important the dynamic shortcuts
are. It's just that the current implementation sucks and that it I
consider it more harmful than useful for the casual user. The power
users can reenable it in the preferences. That's why we added the
possibility to do that.

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