On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 23:12, Raymond Ostertag wrote:

> Because mnemonics are there now. they gives a lot of work for the
> translators, 
> for almost nothing ... Who really use mnemonics ? (OK enough noise)

I hear this a lot of time. Apart from having stuff accessible with a
keyboard easily, here's one example when mnemonics/access keys rock.

You surely appreciate shortcuts. Everybody knows how sweet they are for
accessing most used functions. But there is a limited number of
shortcuts until they become too obscure. They are flat keycombos.
Mnemonics on the other hand are structured/nested. You can memorize
access keys (sequences of keys) for features you use often, but not
_TOO_ often. 

I usually use features from the layer menu without adding shortcuts for
them. A simple Alt+L,C,C gets me the curve tool, Alt+L,C,L the levels
tool. There's a couple of functions I use as often. Mnemonics are a
default so wherever I go, they work (on the same locale).

So please don't play down their usefulness. I love them. I love the
dynamic shortcuts too btw. I'd say I can't imagine a shortcut editor
more user-friendly than the dynamic shortcuts hack.


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