> You are a  Gimp 'power user' and you are probably a good keyboard player,

Basically, there are people who utilize mnemonic use and there are those
who don't.  It's nothing to do with the Gimp.

> ALT-L,C,C sounds not like easy

Yeah, that does look a little rough out of context.  However, as you type
'ALT-L,C,C' you will think 'Alt-L(evels)-C(olors)-C(urves)' as you watch
the menus pop by.  After a while, mnemonic combinations becomes an
unconscious flick of the wrist as you become particularily comfortable
with them.  And there's a logic to it - a logic in how you 'locate' any
given menu item within the menu tree.  People who don't use mnemonics
remind me of people who never learned to touch type.  They get the job
done, but it's inefficient as hell.  Same goes for those who don't use
mnemonics - once your hand leaves the keyboard to grab for the mouse, you
lose your momentum.  Granted you could argue that the Gimp is mouse
intensive. And obviously there are some things you simply must use the
mouse for, but some people would be surprised just how much (and how
quickly) you can get work done in the Gimp by extreme keyboard
utilization.  (wow... that could be a new X Game..)

> Then three letters
> to memorize for each function to call it's not easy.
I wouldn't recommend using mnemonics for each function either.  I'd
keyboard shortcut as much as possible.  The few stragglers are where
mnemonics step in to save the day.  If you use keyboard shortcuts
extensively, then the rest of the menu functions you need to get to can be
handled competently by mnemonics.

Shit, did I say too much?
Oh, I forgot to mention that I have Suriphobia.
Eric Pierce
Ps.  Did someone claim mnemonics were ergonomic?  Maybe they are somehow.

> On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 19:02:17 +0100
> Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I usually use features from the layer menu without adding shortcuts for
>> them. A simple Alt+L,C,C gets me the curve tool, Alt+L,C,L the levels
>> tool. There's a couple of functions I use as often. Mnemonics are a
>> default so wherever I go, they work (on the same locale).
> ALT-L,C,C sounds not like easy and ergonomic to me. Don't know for you
> but for me ALT-L with only one hand is not ergonomic. Then three letters
> to memorize for each function to call it's not easy.
> And for the localisation I hope (but I am not sure ) that all the
> translator
> really check all menus and dialogs to avoid letters duplications.
>> So please don't play down their usefulness. I love them.
> You are a  Gimp 'power user' and you are probably a good keyboard player,
> no doubt that you can achieve something powerful with mnemonics.
> But you probably understand that consedering the wide range of Gimp users
> and
> the world of artists it's hard for me to imagine a large usefulness.
> @+
> Raymond

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