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David Neary wrote:
> Today a few of us were talking about this on IRC, and a couple of
> concrete proposals came up. Well, more sandy-water proposals at
> the moment...

A 4th possibility to add to the mix...

4) Dublin, Ireland

I was chatting to some friends in Dublin, and their LUG has been
offered conference facilities free of charge for a limited
period. We're short on details at the moment, but in brief, there
is a conference room for up to 20 people, a lecture theatre for
up to 45 people. Not sure what the access times will be like
(robably business hours), but it might be worth exploring.

Pros: Possibly free facilities, fairly cheap to get to, pubs

Cons: Weather, expensive city

Each of these possibilities needs to be fleshed out (possible
dates, whether there's funding, facility costs, who's going to do
the organising, etc) pretty quickly. And if there are others, the
same types of things need doing for them too. 

Could I have a volunteer to liaise with the GNOME foundation to
see if they are open to the idea of subsuming the gimp developers
conference? It would be nice to know if they think it's a good
idea, and then perhaps whether we could get some money for
expenses towards it from the bigger GUADEC pool...

I will flesh out the Lyon possibility, and keep in contact with
the Dublin people to see exactly what's on offer in terms of
facilities, and what types of dates we would be talking about.

It would be nice to add another couple of possibilities. Anyone
have dates that they prefer? I *really* need feedback on this.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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