a week has gone by since the last progress report so it's about time
for a short update on what has changed in GIMP CVS.

- Yosh added new functions to libgimpwidgets that provide a 64bit
  clean interface for option menus and radio groups. This fixes bug

- A couple of other issues with the libgimp* APIs have been
  resolved. The APIs should be ready for GIMP-2.0 now. Only the
  addition of libgimpthumb is still missing in CVS.

- Mitch went over the core and all plug-ins and unified user-visible
  strings, focusing on error messages. This reduces the work for
  translators. Also lots of newlines have been removed from these
  strings. We let the message dialog do the line breaks now.

- Session management now handles multiples screen. If you move a dock
  away from the default screen, GIMP will remember this in your
  sessionrc and will try to reopen it there the next time. Finally you
  can seriously work with two or more screens.

- The image window and popup windows such as menus now position and
  size itself by looking at the geometry of the current monitor
  instead of using the screen size. This makes GIMP behave a lot
  better on Xinerama setups where one screen goes over multiple

- The small theme I talked about in my last report has landed in CVS.

- Some work has been done on cleaning up the application lifecycle.
  The idea is that it should be possible to initialize GIMP, use it
  for a while, then release all resources and start all over again.
  This is somewhat academic but it already helped to find some
  possible problems. You might notice that quitting GIMP takes a
  little longer now. This is because we actually release all resources
  instead of simply calling exit(). We might add back the call to
  exit() for the 2.0 release.

- Mitch changed how GtkFileSelector is being used. This is in
  preparation of a migration to the new GtkFileChooser widget from
  GTK+ HEAD. The idea is to provide a patch for GIMP that makes it use
  the new widget so that problems with the new API can be identified
  early and fixed before the GTK+ API is frozen for 2.4.

- Hans fixed some Win32 problems and updated the MSC makefiles.

- Some more progress has been made on documenting the GIMP libraries
  and the application itself.

Quite a few bugs have been fixed. Bugzilla talks about 24 bugs closed
during the last week, 17 of these were resolved by actually fixing the
code.  The other 7 were duplicate or invalid reports.

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