Hi Henrik, 

thanks for the feedback.

Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
> Personally I think it would be best to piggy-back on an existing event
> given that the organizers wouldn't mind, of course. This would give us
> the benefit of an existing infrastructure.

In this case, what IT events do people know of in the timescale
we're looking at? GUADEC obviously fits, the Chemnitz event is a
little early for my tastes, but is certainly an option. What
other events are there that people know about?

> > 
> > Who will manage the money side of things? We need someone who is
> > good with numbers, to organise a few people to do fundraising.
> It would be ideal if The GIMP Foundation was a reality when we start the
> fund-raising. We could then use the conference to evaluate the steps
> taken to raise funds - and perhaps improve the process. 

I don't think we can rely on the foundation existing in time. And
even if we did, the foundation would need a treasurer to be the
person In Charge. In either case, we need someone to say they'll
take responsibility for money. It might well be reasonable that
that person then become the treasurer of the foundation.

Are there any candidates? Personally I think it would be a good
idea to separate the organisation of physical structures from
fundraising - they're 2 very different jobs, and teach represents
a considerable workload. If one person does both, he's likely to
be overloaded with work.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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