David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In this case, what IT events do people know of in the timescale
> we're looking at? GUADEC obviously fits, the Chemnitz event is a
> little early for my tastes, but is certainly an option. What other
> events are there that people know about?

Well, there will probably be LinuxTag again (www.linuxtag.org). It
usually takes place in Juli but it's more of a trade fair and thus
probably not that well suited. I also think that it would be boring to
have the conference in Germany again.

I expect that 2004 will see another Hackmeeting but the webpage
doesn't mention a date nor a place yet:
Perhaps someone knows more about the plans for 2004. I heard a lot of
good things about past Hackmeetings and it would probably fit well.

Then, there seems to be a vague plan for a HackSchiff in 2004:
The planned route would probably take a few weeks so that would give
us enough time for some decent hacking and chatting ;)

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