Kai-Uwe Behrmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I guessed You mean to set an variable which helps to set lcms paths and
> switches in the Makefile. For instance the separate plug-in from Alastair
> M. Robinson and the color-manager from Karl Heinz Kremer need to detect
> lcms separately from the main app.

Separate plug-ins need to provide their own build framework. We make
it relatively easy by providing pkg-config files, automake macros and
a plug-in template. However third-party plug-ins and modules will need
to check for lcms on their own. It's not really rocket science though
and people can of course copy the check from GIMP's configure script.

> These are plug-ins helping to work with different colour
> spaces. Will they not included in gimps main release?

They should probably be included at some point. Actually our goal was
to move as much plug-ins out of the main distribution as possible and
not to accept any new plug-ins.  However since there's still no
useable plug-in registry, we lately changed this policy and started to
add plug-ins to the 1.3 tree.

However it's a bit late to still add plug-ins for 2.0 but we can start
now to implement a reasonable CMS framework in plug-ins and modules
and integrate these into the distribution for the 2.2 release.

> To my plans. As I was asked by users to make cinepaints tiffreader
> compile in gimp because of its multilayer capabilities I like to
> reach the most common behaviour. Recently I started to use lcms to
> convert undisplayable colour spaces to RGB. So I am now able to open
> CMYKs and Lab to an visible image.

libtiff does these color conversions for you already. The GIMP tiff
plug-in is able to read CMYK files, not sure about Lab. The ability to
read multiple pages from TIFF files should be added to GIMP's standard
TIFF plug-in. This is a frequently requested feature and we are
waiting for a patch for quite some time already:


> I liked to offer the compatible plug-in with all features of gimp
> plug-in and the additionals of cinepaint for gimps 2.0 realease. At
> the moment Recently a friend and I managed the plug-in to compile
> with gimp-1.3.23 .

As I said, it's a bit late to get this into 2.0. But it all depends on
how large the changes are. I don't think we can integrate color
management at this point but a clean patch for loading multiple pages
could be accepted into 2.0 still.

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