Hi Joao,

Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> But, right now, I want to update it. So, let?s go by steps:
> I go
>  cvs -z3 update

You should use cvs up -dP - this will create directories present
in the repository, but not locally, and prune (remove)
directories which have been emptied via file removals. There are
reasonable defaults, and should probably go in your .cvsrc, along
with diff -u.

That alone will fix some of your problems.

> I go
>  make distclean

If you really want to clean out everything, then maintainer-clean
is perhaps better. After doing this, you will need to re-run
autogen.sh. Among other things, this rebuilds Makefile.ins from
Makefile.ams, which is probably the point at which the changed
filenames are causing a problem for you.

> Is something beyond make distclean needed?

Usually, you don't need to make distclean at all.

The following is usually sufficient for me...

The first time:

cvs co -d gimp-1.3 gimp
cd gimp-1.3
make -j4
sudo make install

And thereafter:

cd gimp-1.3
cvs up -dP
make -j4
sudo make install

Sometimes, a new Makefile.am is added (recently, for example,
when mitch reorganised script-fu to separate out siod), and this
will not work. You will see an error like 
make: no rule to target all
or somesuch in the directory in question. In this case, simply
re-run autogen.sh and all will be well.

When you run autogen.sh, what happens is that the makefiles are
created with some special rules which check whether files like
Makefile.am or configure.in have changed, and if they have, make
will re-run what it needs to to bring these files and their
dependencies up to date. This fails when there is a directory
with no makefile at all (as is the case when a new directory gets

> I hope that with a good willing answer to this e-mail, I don't have to 
> perform
> rm -Rf gimp/
> cvs -z3 checkout gimp 
> again nevermore.

I hope so too :) The last time I did that is about 6 months ago.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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