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David Neary wrote:
| Hi David,
| david wrote:
|>The install file quoates
|>>Fix: On Linux and other systems using ELF libraries, add the
|>> directory to /etc/ld.so.conf or to the environment variable
|>> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and run 'ldconfig'.
|>Only I dont understand how to do this - I simply am lost with this.
|>What is the "environment variable
|> LD_LIBRARY_PATH"??   I have come across ldconfig before so I
|>understand that-at least!!
| This error message comes from the fact that it appears you have
| gtk+ installed, but the libraries for it are not found. Those
| libraries are typically in /usr/local/lib after installing from
| source.
| You have two options available to make the libraries "found" -
| first, you can add the path /usr/local/lib to the file specified
| above, and re-run ldconfig. Then the libraries will be available
| to everyone, all the time. Or you can modify or create the
| environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (load library path) to
| include the directory /usr/local/lib. This is a temporary
| solution for you, for the current session. The favoured solution
| would be to add the directory to ld.so.conf.
| Please check in /usr/local/lib to make sure that you see at least
| a libgtk+.so first, to make sure that this is indeed the problem.
| If not, we may have to dig a little further.

There is a third solution, which most people forget.  You can add
- -R/usr/local/lib to your gcc flags to add a runtime search path to the
binary.  This is, in many peoples opinion, the best solution.
Especially if the administrator cannot trust libraries in /usr/local/lib
and it doesn't break things nearly so much as LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, Mandrake is notoriously difficult
to get the gimp running on.  It seems to not have very good quality
control on it's packages.  You are not the first person to experience
loads of problems installing on mandrake.

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