Hi all,

This is a quick update on the planning for GIMPCon 2004. 

As you know, I was continuing to explore two possibilities -
GUADEC and a standalone event in Lyon. 

The current situation with GUADEC is that we are more than
welcome, and are invited to take part in the Graphics stream of
the conference. It is likely that there will be representatives
from other graphics applications. Off the top of my head,
sodipodi, inkscape, dia, OO Draw, CinePaint and ourselves are the
main desktop graphics applications at the moment; are there any
others I have forgotten? Organisation for this is still in a very
early stage, I will know more in a couple of weeks.

The Lyon situation is pretty promising. The university is very
interested in having us, and are providing lots of facilities for
free. They have asked that we organise a half-day of conferences
and demonstrations on the GIMP and other free graphics
applications. There'll be wifi, as well as access points to the
local network, as long as we play nice and follow the school
network usage guidelines.

The only sticking point is that their facilities are typically
closed on weekends, and opening things up for us would incur a
cost, which they would expect us to cover. So our choices are a
free 3 days during the week, or some weekend and some days during
the week, but not free.

In short, both propositions are costing little in terms of
infrastructure for the conference, but GUADEC demands no
organisational cost (apart from me - I'm co-organising the
graphics stream).

Just keeping you up to date.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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