Googling for the new bezier tool didn't turn up much. So although I'm
absolutely unqualified, here is my take on a few basic operations.

Click to set an anchor. Control click to close a path. (I can
Shift+click to create a new component, but I don't know what a new
component is for.)

To move an anchor, click on it and drag. To change the shape of the curve,
you can still move the control points of the anchor. But it's more
straightforward to just click and drag on the curve - the anchors stay
put and the curve flexes.

To add or delete anchors, turn edit mode to "edit" in the option
dialog for the path tool. To add, click where you want to add the
anchor. To delete an anchor, press shift and click.

Did I leave out anything important?


Jon Kåre
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