On Wednesday 17 December 2003 12:05, cbnrm.biz wrote:
> I have a jpg file, a photo, that I need to reduce from 152 K to
> max. 30 K before I can upload it to a web site. I was advised to do
> this with GIMP. However, as a complete novice I can't figure out
> how to do it. Can somebody pls give me some pointers?
> regards, Lars

Can you open the file in GIMP?
If so, just right click on the image, choose FILE, Save as, 
filename.jpg (which may be the same name, or another name, but has to 
end in .jpg). 
After that you will be presented  a dialog box where you can choose 
the quality setting .  Reduce it, and the final size of the image 
will change.


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