If you use "save as" and set the extension to jpg, it will ask you for the quality level of the saved jpeg file. You can click the preview check-box to see what you are doing. Just near this box you can see the size of the generated file. Change the quality with the ruler until the size is near what you want. (the size update is not really real time but this is not a problem).

                - Jean-Luc

Le 17.12.2003 15:05, cbnrm.biz a écrit :
|I have a jpg file, a photo, that I need to reduce from 152 K to max.
|30 K before I can upload it to a web site. I was advised to do this
|with GIMP. However, as a complete novice I can't figure out how to do
|it. Can somebody pls give me some pointers?
|regards, Lars

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