Hi Conrad,

Conrad Newton wrote:
> According to a "colorcube analysis", my red-and-black 
> image consists of 100 or more colors.  I thought there
> were only two colors (does black even count as a color?),
> but clearly I was naive.

The borders between the red & black areas are probably
antialiased, giving several colors in between for a smooth
transition. You might see this if you zoom in on an edge.

> Can someone give me a hint??  I am (obviously) a GIMP newbie.

The indexed image type is exactly for this. You can convert your
image to indexed, and specify an optimal palette of 16 colours;
this will construct a palette to represent your image as well as
possible with the 16 colours. If you decide later that you really
want more, then comvert your image back to RGB, add the extra
stuff, and re-convert to indexed. 

A piece of advice: while some people actually work in indexed
mode, it is more usual, and easier on the sanity, to work in RGB,
and only convert to indexed as a final stage before saving the


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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