Unforch, when I scan something, save as a .png, then load to gimp for 
printing, the printer wants to full page whatever the size, including 
any border I might have included in the xsane driven scan, such that 
its exactly full page on the printer.

This is fine if it takes a reduction to make an inch equal an inch at 
the printers output, that 'shrink' can be done in the printers front 

However, if that would make it bleed half an inch, it cannot be done 
as it won't 'scale' to more than 100%.  So I find myself rescanning, 
and purposely leaving out a half inch on each end so that the result 
can be, albeit missing the ends of the pattern, at least 100% sized 
for the remainder.

I've not found a way to crop the image that actually removes the ends 
of a long image so that the remainder would scale up to 100% at the 
printer.  Cropping leaves the no data checkerboard on screen ok, but 
this empty space is still being sent to the printer to control the 
scaling in the driver, in this case gimp-print-4.2.6rc2.

Am I being an idiot?  Intuitive it doesn't seem to be.  Something like 
hideing the variable rotations in a completely different menu from 
the fixed rotations.  Its easier to rescan, move copy, and rescan etc 
and rescan util there is no rotation needed than it is to find the 1 
degree operator needed to square something up.  OTOH, I don't do 
graphics for a living either, this is woodworking related, I'm 80% 
retired these days.  Or is that just 80% tired... :)

Cheers, Gene
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