On Monday 29 December 2003 12:27, Gene Heskett wrote:
> I've not found a way to crop the image that actually removes the ends
> of a long image so that the remainder would scale up to 100% at the
> printer.  Cropping leaves the no data checkerboard on screen ok, but
> this empty space is still being sent to the printer to control the
> scaling in the driver, in this case gimp-print-4.2.6rc2.

It is including the transparent area because it is still part of the image 
area. After cropping, you need to resize the image to match the cropped area. 

> Am I being an idiot?  Intuitive it doesn't seem to be.  Something like
> hideing the variable rotations in a completely different menu from
> the fixed rotations.  Its easier to rescan, move copy, and rescan etc
> and rescan util there is no rotation needed than it is to find the 1
> degree operator needed to square something up.

Intuitive on the surface, it is not. Once you find it, it's great.
Use the rotate tool in the "Rotation, scaling, shear, and perspective", aka 
"Transform" set. That's the one with the scale icon, one down from the top on 
the right in the toolbox. I don't know why, but these functions are not 
available from the popup menus. 

Open the Tool Options window. In the Tool Options window, under Transform 
select Rotate, and set the "Tool Paradigm" to "Corrective" instead of 
"Traditional". Click in the image. Rotate the grid until it aligns with what 
you want to be either a vertical or horizontal line, zooming as necessary, 
then hit the rotate button in the "Rotation Information" window, which will 
have magically appeared.

Carl Brown
Whitefield, NH USA
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