System is RH9. Printer is Epson 1520.

After a botched attempt to relocate /var due to drive space limitations, I had 
some scrambled permissions in various places in the /var tree. All that I 
found had changed to root:root. I used:

rpm -Va | grep UG

to produce a list of files with changed permissions, and all under /var have 
been restored to their original settings. The printer works from the command 
line, e.g.:

ls -l > /dev/lp0

The printer configuration has been checked and saved with the Redhat gui tool. 
According to that utility, the recommended driver is gimp-print, which is set 
as the active driver. It will print any appropriate test pages, and these 
tests create files in /var/spool/cups/. 

KMail prints and creates files in /var/spool/cups/. But the Gimp and 
OpenOffice do not print. They say they are printing, and do not produce any 
errors, but neither do they produce any printer activity. No files appear 
under /var/spool/cups/. I have checked and rechecked the settings, restarted 
the programs, and restarted cups. 

It looks like the jobs are spooling into a black hole. I have been unable to 
locate any evidence which might provide a clue. Any ideas?

Carl Brown
Whitefield, NH USA
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