"John McCain" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> When I try to copy an image fragment including a jagged diagonal line into
> another image, Gimp seems to tend to wash the edges a little, creating a
> gradient between the colors of the two bordering sections about 3-4 pixels
> wide.  I don't want this.

Could you explain how you copy the image fragment? I guess you are
using anti-aliasing with the selection tool but since you didn't
provide any details, I can only guess.

> Furthermore, when I try to use the "1 pixel paint brush" tool, I get
> a blob that never colors any one pixel the color I want, and tends
> to smear color around all the adjacent pixels, making it impossible
> to do fine corrections.

You probably want to use the Pencil tool. It behaves just like the
Paintbrush tool but doesn't do sub-pixel positioning and

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