david wrote:
> Is there a simple way of repoting a bug?  Can I just post it here?

The GIMP uses a database-backed bug tracking package called
Bugzilla. This allows us to keep track of the history of bugs,
and know which ones are fixed, when we would like the unfixed
ones to be fixed, and so on. We share this with GNOME, and the
URL is http://bugzilla.gnome.org

To enter a bug, you will need a bugzilla account. This is a very
easy process - when you ask to enter a bug (click on the "New"
link), if you're not logged in you will be asked for a log-in and
password, or be offered the possibility of signing up.

To enter a bug against the GIMP, click "New", then "GIMP", and in
the following (horrible looking) page, select a "Component",
enter a summary and a description. The rest of the stuff on this
page doesn't need to be filled in, and probably shouldn't be
filled in most of the time.

And that's it. 

Guidelines for writing good bug reports are available here...


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