Owen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Docbook is nearly as difficult as fonts!

Creating a working setup for processing Docbook is a lot more
difficult than configuring fonts especially since fonts are so simple
to handle nowadays.

> Tried making the latest CVS 
> cd ../html/C && /usr//bin/xsltproc --xinclude --nonet 
> ../../stylesheets/plainhtml.xsl ../../src/gimp.xml
> Writing gimp-xrefs-en.xml for book(GIMP)
> No template matches xi:include in chapter.
> and 100s more of No template matches xi:include
> The URL here
> <book id="GIMP" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2003/XInclude";>
> doesn't seem to point to anything specific but you can find an 
> XML schema for the XI namespace by hunting around that site.

An xmlns URL doesn't need to point to any document. It's just an
identifier, you aren't supposed to interpret it as a link.

Let me quote what I just sent to gimp-developer on pretty much the
same subject:

The DTDs are absolutely necessary in order to process the files. You
cannot expect things to work if the DTDs are missing. Also you
shouldn't use the DTDs from the network but have them installed at
your computer. You will need an XML catalog file that tells your XSLT
processort where the DTDs are found on your disk. Usually this file
lives in /etc/xml. AFAIK it is correctly installed on recent RedHat
systems; it is known to be broken on Debian and I don't know about
other distributions. For Debian there is a script that attempts to fix
the catalog file. Use it at your own risk:


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