Hello everybody,

the one thing about gimp that always annoyed me was that/is that when selecting multiple files in Konqueror and opening them with gimp as many instances as files selected. Now I got to know that for this one should use gimp-remote (you should add that to your FAQ!).
It all works well, if I open gimp with gimp and then add new images to the instance bei associating e.g. *.jpg with gimp-remote-1.3 -n. However if I do not open gimp first and just try to open the multiple files from Konqueror nothing happens at all, as if the -n for new instance if there is none was ignored.

I am using Suse 9.0 and KDE 3.1.4 with gimp 1.3.2 and would appreciate if you could help me out, as this is the last thing I find really annoying about gimp and let's me miss my PSP back in the Win-times.

Well actually there are some more small things and suggestions, such as that I cannot close/accept the resize dialogue by simply pressing RETURN and having to do some finger-acrobatics for ALT+O or something like that. Further gimp does not remember the compression-settings for saving a jpg. Finally I would like to have the possibility to be able to sort files in the open/save dialogue by date. I am looking forward to gimp2, maybe that one solves some of my points and maybe even includes the possibility that one can set a preference for gimp opening only once and adding every image opened to a single instance.



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