I'm having some problems with the new support for multipage tifs.

First, I get the following errors.
tif: Unknown field with tag 33949 (0x849d) encountered

And these two errors repeat for the nubmer of pages in the tif.
tif: Unknown field with tag 33950 (0x849e) encountered
tif: Unknown field with tag 33951 (0x849f) encountered

The tif image opens, and there is a layer for each page, but the height of
the image is scaled 50% (but the width is fine).  I'm basically making my
comparisons with Microsofts Imaging because that's the only program that I
know that properly opens multipage tifs.

Also, my multipage tifs are created whenever someone faxes me.  They fax
me and I receive an e-mail with a tif attached.

Is Andrey Kiselev on this list?  Maybe I could send him one of my tifs for
examination (since he implemented this feature in The Gimp).

Thanks for reading... I appreciate any suggestions.
Eric Pierce

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