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> For page layout work, at work we use (don't laugh) PageMaker.  Me
> and the other guy recently learned that we could import raster
> images w/transparency and actually have it display properly in
> PageMaker.  We also learned that the tif must have a clipping path.
> Basically, it's a path with a special designation as a 'clipping
> path' and everything inside the path will show, and everything
> outside the clipping path is transparent.  There's a little rivalry
> at work because my colleage uses Photoshop while I use The Gimp.  As
> it would be, PS could do a clipping path, but I couldn't see that
> Gimp could.  In PS, you bring up the context menu with the paths
> menu up and designate which path will be the 'clipping path'.
> That's it.  I don't know about the internals of the tif file, or if
> it's even a recognized spec in tif.  I can throw up an image
> somewhere if anyone is curious to check it out.

Clipping paths are a well-known concept but just like you I don't know
much about the implementation and how standardized this is. Did you
check if our bug-tracker has an enhancement request for clipping paths
yet? If not, it would be nice if you could file one and add as many
information as possible.

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