On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 09:40, Brad Kligerman wrote:
> Hi all/
> I've been trying to upgrade from GIMP 1.2.3 that was installed with RH9 
> to GIMP 1.3.23.
> It won't configure, and I get the following...

I solved this one myself. Just get GTK+2.2.4 SOURCES (not the rpm or anything), 
and compile with these flags. Here's how I did it:

1. remove the old version of gtk (rpm -e --force --nodeps gtk+-2.2.1 for
   example or whatever will remove just that. Don't remove any other gtk+

2. mkdir /opt/lib/gtk+-2.2.4

3. Compile and install the new gtk+-2.2.4 sources using:
   # ./configure --eprefix=/opt/lib/gtk+-2.2.4 --prefix=/opt/lib/gtk+-2.2.4
   # make
   # su
   (type in your root password)
   # make install

4. Next (still as root), edit /etc/ld.so.conf in a text editor and add the
   following line:

5. Still as root:

   # /sbin/ldconfig

NOTE: If you compile other apps that use GTK+ you might get an error about
PKG_CONFIG_PATH not pointing to gtk+-2.0.pc. Do the following to fix that:

# locate gtk+-2.0.pc  (take note of the path here)
# export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=(path noted above w/o the *.pc filename included)

I know Gimp wants freetype libraries newer than what RH9 has but I didn't install
them because it messes with XWindows on my system - the font path in the config
gets blitzed. :( Gimp 1.3.23 and Gimp 2.0pre1 both work ok anyway without further
packages added other than compiling/installing GTK+2.2.4. If you do like above,
it should work ok. Don't know about tablet though because I don't have an art
tablet or anything, just mouse.

.:: misfit-x ::.

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