I apologize to Sven N. for accidentally emailing him last night. Goofed
up in the mail program. ;) I usually try to be sure everything is
replied only to the list. Yesterday I noticed some stuff was replied in
private email and thought I caught them all.

Anyway, I wonder if they would somehow make the features that are
available for pen-tablets in Gimp useable for the mouse too. Like for
instance, the brush size (in 2.0pre1), etc. or have a regular feature
added to manually add the size to what you like. (Same idea for all the
normally-pen tablet features).

I also wondered if the rpm versions of Gimp have tablet enabled or do we
have to compile Gimp with the suggested flag to get that? (Thinking of
future here.) I find RPMs easier because with something like Gimp, I
have too hard a time compiling it (can't even get past ./configure) due
to dependancies. I can't run Freetype 2 apparently or it messes up my
Xwindows causing me to have to fix my XF86Config's font settings. :(
Being on dial-up, also getting new packages/updates takes a loooong
time. So if Gimp runs from RPMs, the better. :)

.:: misfit-x ::.

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