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Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

Can GIMP handle raw images from digital camera (without downsizing to 8 bits per channel) as Photoshop can?

No. For the moment, the GIMP is limited to 8 bits per channel.



Does « for the moment » means there are some plan to change this in rhe (near) future ? ;-)

This is something which we will get for some cost (mostly interface issues) when we have fully migrated to gegl. People are currently debating a migration plan for getting gegl into the GIMP. Currently nothing has been decided.

In one of these plans it's possible we will have higher bitdepths within a year in a stable release. In another, it will be a little longer. Given our experiences with 2.0, I suspect that the plan which will be chosen is the one which allows us to keep a more or less stable CVS tree during the migration.

I'd guess if you twisted my arm that we'll have both more colourspaces and increased bitdepth within 18 months. But that guess is worth about the same as anyone else's.


Dave Neary

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