Sven Neumann schrieb:

The default GTK+ setting is to select entries on focus. This causes the key press to go the entry, not to the default dialog button. This
is probably quite useful since it doesn't make much sense to acknowledge the dialog w/o doing any changes. However, if you dislike
this behaviour, you can change the relevant GTK+ setting. For a list
of GTK+ settings, see


what I like and think to be most useful is to start in the first field,
as gimp does, enter a value, change field with Tab and then press RETURN
to acknowledge my changes. Obviously when leaving the fields gimp should and does change the related value if they are linked.

I'll have a look at that list and see whether I can change somehting in my settings.
By the way, what about STRG+RETURN if RETURN on its own does not work. Would be faster than ALT+O, as the right hand is already on the RETURN key.



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