Owen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> In Gimp-2.0pre (and the 1.3s)
> Select Bezier tool
> Select Tool options->Design mode
> Click Click Click
> Clicking on start point does not complete the selection

This is intentional. I wanted to have a more direct control over the
control points of the path. You can close a path with SHIFT+Click.

> Tools->Create selection from path gives "Marching ants" for full path

Please note that the path is not closed, it just gets connected with a
straight line, because it is impossible to convert an open path to a
selection otherwise.

> Tools->Stroke path DOES NOT stroke the full path as per marching ants.
> The last segment is ignored.

There is no last segment yet, so it does not make any sense to stroke
something  :)

This is an intentional change to be able to stroke things like arrows,
which don't have closed shapes.

> What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. You just need to close the path with SHIFT, as described above.


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