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>On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 12:43:18PM -0700, Steve Strobel 
>> I tried using the perspective transform to adjust the corners of
>> the image so the section lines would be horizontal and vertical.
>That's actually correctly doing what the perspective transform is
> doing (try to imagine a plane with rectangles on it, in an angle
> towards you).
>From what you are writing, I'd say he shearing transform is
> *exactly* what you need, so what kind of problems are you facing
> when using a shear transform?

You may also be trying to undo the spherical component of the mapping.  
USGS maps, and most maps in general are on a spherical plane usually, 
sometimes on a modification of the mercator projection.  This may be 
something that the gimp coders could add, a 'de-sphericalizer'.  Make 
the user put in the 1/xxxxxx ratio as shown on the map and use that 
to calculate what to do.

Cheers, Gene
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