Hi all,

The latest pre-release of the upcoming 2.0 GIMP is hot off the
presses and available for download now at


or from one of the mirrors listed at http://gimp.org/download.html

Screenshots of some of the features available in the shiny new GIMP 
are at http://developer.gimp.org/screenshots.html

We fixed a bunch of bugs, and we have another bunch to fix, and
we're sure we haven't found them all yet. If you find any for us,
please report them to http://bugzilla.gnome.org, against the GIMP
product. We really do appreciate it.

A special mention goes out to the GIMP Animation Package from Wolfgang 
Hofer, available here


The plug-in has recently had a 2.0 pre-release of its own.  This plug-in 
is the best thing sinced sliced cheese. Screenshots are available (in 
French) at http://gimp-fr.org/html/mongimpfr/gap/gap2.html

Happy GIMPing,

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre3
- 127451: Anchor floating selection when creating a text layer (Mitch)
- 50649:  Allow to call script-fu scripts from plug-ins (Mitch)
- 132617: Improved gimp-remote behaviour (Sven)
- 132036: Fixed issues with libart scan conversion (Simon)
- 132041: Made info window not grab the focus (Mitch)
- 132077: Redraw layer boundary when using transform tools (Mitch)
- 132089: Flip tool misbehaviours (Mitch)
- 132032: User interface issues with Plugin Details (David Odin)
- 132145: Use default values when stroking from the PDB (Mitch)
- 132162: Anchoring a floating selection on a channel (Mitch)
- 132271: Mosaic filter on selections (Simon)
- 132322: gimp-levels on grayscale images (Mitch)
- 132329: Info window doesn't show inital values (Shlomi Fish)
- 118084: Info window not updated in automatic mode (Shlomi Fish)
- 132495: Positioning of glyphs that extend the logical rectangle (Sven)
- 108659: Use g_spawn in postscript plug-in (Peter Kirchgessner)
- 132508: Problems with path tool in Edit mode (Simon)
- 132504: Fixed unsharp mask script (Mitch)
- 132595: Don't draw the selection if it's hidden (Sven)
- 132027: Crash in gimpressionist (Sven)
- 132596: Use default values for color DND (Mitch)
- 132493: Tuned Comic Logo script (Pedro Gimeno)
- 132649: Allow to fill the whole selection using bucket-fill (Mitch)
- 131902: Improved handling of missing tags in TIFF loader (Andrey Kiselev)
- 93806:  Validate script-fu input (Yosh)
- 132214: Differentiate writable and readonly data directories (Mitch)
- 131964: Zoom ratio problem (Simon)
- 132969: Set help-id for tool on tool options dock (Mitch)
- 132999: Make assembler code PIC safe (Yosh)
- 119878: Use the same keyboard shortcuts in all GIMP windows
  (except the toolbox window) (Mitch)
- 131975 & 
- 132297: Disable some warnings while loading TIFFs (Raphael)
- 129529: Add a "randomize" toggle to random number widget (Dave Neary)
- 133099: Duplicate PDB entries problem (Mitch)
- 133122: Disallow renaming of layer masks and some floating selections (Mitch)
- 130118: Allow non-UTF8 characters in the GIMP home directory (Mitch)
- 122026: Workaround a bug in gdk_draw_segments() (David Odin)
- 133280: Remove deleted scripts from the menu (Mitch)
- 133270: Replace deprecated enum values in scripts (Kevin Cozens)
- 133180: Sort menu entries for save and load procedures (Mitch)
- 131563: Use percentages for zoom ratios (Simon, Sven)

Other contributions:
  Manish Singh, Tor Lillqvist, Jakub Steiner, Michael Natterer,
  Sven Neumann, Kevin Cozens
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