My previous problem with parasites in script-fu has dissapeared
in new pre3 version (thanks Sven for URL to bugreport), but 
now I have one another: I tried to define "gimp-comment" parasite
as defined in devel-docs/parasites.txt as PERSISTENT, but this
causes an execution error of the script, as well as other
defines commented below, with which I have tried to run the

(define (script-fu-xcf2gif infile outfile)
        (img (car (gimp-file-load 1 infile infile)))
        (drawable (car (gimp-drawable-get-image img)))
;       (parasite (list "gimp-comment" GIMP_PARASITE_PERSISTENT "some comment"))
;       (parasite (list "gimp-comment" IMAGE_PERSISTENT "some comment"))
;       (parasite (list "gimp-comment" PERSISTENT "some comment"))
        (parasite (list "gimp-comment" 1 "some comment"))
       (gimp-image-flatten img)
       (gimp-image-parasite-detach img "gimp-comment")
       (gimp-image-parasite-attachi img parasite)
       (gimp-image-convert-indexed img 1 0 256 0 1 "")
       (file-gif-save 1 img drawable outfile outfile 1 0 0 0)

from libgimpbase/gimpparasite.h:
so I have tried to use direct the value of it instead of define, 
this works (script is executed successfully) but comment is not
saved in gif:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ufki]$ identify -verbose blokada.gif|grep comment

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
If I should rather go to gimp-devel or somewhere else group please let me know.

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