On Sunday 15 February 2004 08:54 am, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> BandiPat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The Sane plugin for Gimp 2.0 has not been updated yet, but should
> > be by the final release.  I do believe that Sven or somebody did
> > revise it themselves, but to keep conflicts down with the original
> > maintainer, did not include it with the new Gimp.  I'll let them
> > comment on it's availability.
> You are confusing SANE and XSane here. SANE is the scanner
> infrastructure and XSane is just an alternative GUI frontend to SANE.
> IIRC both come with GIMP plug-ins. I don't know about the state of
> the SANE plug-in but AFAIK the XSane plug-in hasn't been released for
> GIMP-2.0 yet. The necessary changes are fairly trivial though and I
> sent my patches to the plug-in author. He promised me to do an
> updated release. If that hasn't happened yet, perhaps someone should
> send him a mail and politely ask about the status.
> Sven
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Right you are Sven!  I was thinking of xsane too, being able to call it 
from Gimp.  There should be no problem with Sane and Gimp then, only 
XSane.  I haven't heard anything more out of the plugin since you 
mentioned your patches here, so I'm not sure if the author has made the 
fix or not.

So "sime", does your scanning work with Gimp 1.2.x & MDK 9.x or not?  If 
so, then all you need is the new plugin for 2.0, when the author makes 
the necessary fixes!

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