Bruce Burden wrote:
That is what I figured. Since I was able to create and manipulate the file to start with, I assume it is something
that I changed. Problem is, I don't see that malloc() returns
a useful error indication.

You could try running the gimp in valgrind - this should tell you if there is any funniness going on with malloc. It will also probably take all your ram (valgrind is essentially an x86 emulator that relaces the system libc with its own).

        Is there a reasonable way to provide more detail as to what
    GIMP is doing in a bug report? Reporting that GTK is failing
    when a 45MB jpg file is expanded to 500MB+ is perhaps a bit too
    generic. It would be nice to say it was in routine XXXX.

It's actually not (that) unusual that the GIMP would take 500M of memory for a 45M jpeg. It appears that some other people have had trouble reproducing the problem, but perhaps that's because they didn't use version 1.2.3 to create the jpegs in question.

In any case, creating a bugzilla report is essential to getting the problem solved. I've already forgotten the actual symptoms of the problem that you reported in your original mail :)

Also, it would be nice if you would test this in the 2.0 pre-releases, since if it is not a problem there it is unlikely to be fixed in the 1.2 branch.

Hope this helps,

Dave Neary

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