> Please stop making stuff up and rewriting history to suit your own story.
> You have no real idea what happened before you appeared.

You are right that I don't have the whole story and must rely upon what
others say who were actually there.

Unlike Sven or me, you were one of the sponsored Film Gimp developers,
correct? You were there. You can state what happened or didn't happen as
someone who was personally involved. Whether the question is how could GIMP
vote down Film Gimp with so much riding on it, or how could GIMP lose Film
Gimp through inattention, I'm curious to know how it happened. Can you tell

> You refused to actually help further GEGL by choosing to promote CinePaint
> instead. That's fine, it's your decision, but for someone who keeps on
> going on about not having discussions in public you never actually
> explained that one.

Well, I could discuss it if anyone asked me. ;-)

My main reason for not joining GIMP/GEGL is the very thing you are asking
not be talked about. Nobody from Hollywood is joining GIMP's second attempt
at implementing deep paint because GIMP wasted the effort last time.


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