Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Void lon iXaarii wrote:
> > PS: gimp seems to me like dead software for the simple reason that
> > the gimp.org seems to be very un-updated:
> I agree there are problems with the website. Something should happen
> soon, but unfortunately I have no idea what that will be. Currently,
> no-one is working on the website to my knowledge (either www or
> mmmaybe).

That's not the full truth actually. Me and Raphael are sometimes
giving www.gimp.org some smaller updates (mainly keeping the News
uptodate and fixing broken links). I would also accept larger updates
and put them online if someone really wants to put any work into the
current site. Please let me know beforehand so I can explain how the
site is generated.

Then, we started to have a developer web-site at
http://developer.gimp.org/.  So far that's mainly Brix and me who have
been working on this. The website is in CVS (module gimp-web-devel)
and everyone is encouraged to help out. The website uses DocBook/XML
but that shouldn't shy you away. It's actually very straight-forward
to add new content to it. If you want to get involved, have a look at
the README that you will receive when you checkout the gimp-web-devel

Some people started to work on a rewritten gimp.org web-site quite a
while ago. The result of this work is online at
http://mmmaybe.gimp.org/ but for reasons that are too complex to
explain here it did not replace www.gimp.org yet. The original
creators of the new web-site left the project and now it sits there in
the gimp-web CVS module, merely unmaintained and waiting for what
comes next. There's an offer to have it replace www.gimp.org next
weekend but this offer is bound to someone updating mmmaybe.gimp.org
for the 2.0 release (which is supposed to happen at about that time).
I don't understand why people are ignoring this offer but it looks as
if noone is interested in the gimp.org web presence. This is a shame
since the new site is in my opinion already a lot better than the
current www.gimp.org. So perhaps someone on this list wants to help to
get mmmaybe.gimp.org ready for the 2.0 release?

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