Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In my mind one of the major reasons to have a Gimp Foundation is to put
> all of our IP ducks in a row.  As I've said before I don't think that
> having contributors sign over copyright to TGF would be the best plan.
> Instead, I would like to see the ability to give TGF power-of-attorney to
> sue copyright violators in their behalf.

Does IP mean what I think it means? Let's hope it doesn't because
there simply is no such thing as intellectual property. Knowledge must
not belong to anyone.

If sueing copyright violators is the main goal, I'd rather let the
Free Software Foundation do this job. It is probably in a lot better
position when it should ever come to a law-suit. Also, so far the FSF
has done a great job at funding our developer conferences. So we
should really have good reasons to form our own foundation since I
don't expect the FSF to grant any more fundings as soon as The GIMP
Foundation has been created. This is not a vote against the TGF; it's
just something to keep in mind...

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