Hi Alf,

Alf C Stockton wrote:
I have a flat image to which I wish to add a border to make it look 3d.

We heard you the last time :) Unfortunately these things take time sometime before people answer them.

I would like the border to be outside the actual image so that all of the
original image is still showing.

There are a couple of ways you can make something look 3d, as you say - the easiest is with a drop shadow - cut away the background behind your image, then duplicate the layer, fill the non-transparent bits of the bottom copy with black, gaussian blur it with a decent sized radius and deplace it a few pixels below and to the right.

An example of a drop shadow and some other basic 3d stuff is here:

To add a different border, you can use a similar technique with a bump-map, and experiment with textures to get the kind of effect you'd like.


Dave Neary

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