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John Culleton wrote:
The "Gimp Users Manual" is huge and hugely useful. But as the product continues to grow and change some update or addendum will be needed. "Grokking the Gimp" is more up to date but is also obsolete. An addendum would be easiest to prepare because it could be based on the change history.

Yes - and unfortunately, the original authors of the GUM, as well as the author of Grokking the GIMP, are no longer with us. The gimp-help-2 project is an effort to re-do the GUM from scratch (more or less) and update it to GIMP 2.0.

The ongoing result of that work is online at http://www.kuhcampus.de/~roman/gimp-help-2/C/

I do recognize the size of the effort involved. If someone furnishes me raw text and graphics I can do the typesetting.

I'm not clear on what you're offerring here - but the offer is appreciated. Are you proposing typesetting if (eventually) the new manual is looking for a publisher?


Dave Neary

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