Hi all,

So, over the weekend I did some work on the press pack, mainly re-wording some thing in the article (there are some things I removed too) to get to a 4 page article. The article, with screenshots, is online at http://scrappy.ath.cx/~bolsh/ - the article itself is in presspack.pdf (1.1MB), the latex input file is in presspack.tex, and the screenshots for the article are in that directory too. To re-generate the article, you'll need a recent tex & latex version (I made it with RedHat 8), and you'll need to convert the pngs to epss - I did this with

for i in *.png; do
  convert $i ${i}.eps

So - there we go. I have a copy here, and I think it looks pretty good. The text might need a bit more work, and if anyone wants to comment, they are free to do so (currently the wiki is down, but I will put the revised text in a different wiki page, WhatsNewBolshEdit, since I've changed quite a lot). Some of what I removed were tutorial type key-sequences and some details which I didn't think fitted well with an introduction article.

Currently there are creditted authors - I think in the final version there shouldn't be. And the credits do not include the number of people who modified or improved the wiki page, since I don't have that list.

So - there we go. Any reccommendations before 2.0 should go here, or to the wiki.


Dave Neary

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