On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 09:58:40PM -0800, Tom Williams wrote:
> Hi!  Ok, I just installed Gimp 2.0rc1 on Linux.  The build went smoothly 
> and I noticed the executable was installed as "gimp" instead of 
> "gimp-1.3".  I accidentally clobbered my Gimp 1.2.5 installation but I 
> can build that again.  :)
you should not need to rebuild that.  it will be named gimp-1.2 and you
might need to include the path to start it.  "gimp" is a symbolic link
and you can rm it and if you prefer that gimp-1.2 be the default gimp
then type "ln -s gimp-1.2 gimp" in that directory (probably
/usr/local/bin if you built it yourself).

> Anywho, I was wondering if/when the "Add Glow" and the "Perl-o-Tine" 
> filters would be available, if ever, in Gimp 2.0?  I've been using the 
> 1.3 releases for a while primarily and 1.2.5 for things I needed, like 
> "Perl-o-Tine" and "Add Glow". I noticed "Py-slice" works similarly to 
> "Perl-o-tine" but Py-slice doesn't support RGB images.  :(
py-slice works on RGB images.  it is not as complete as perlotine but it
does most of the same things.  i had problems when there were guides
left after a crop.  well, guides left on the new edges.  at 0px -- you
can see them if they are there.  i am just guessing why the plugin did
not work for you.

gimp-perl is working and hopefully they will tell how to install it.
right now it is available via cvs checkout and needs a list of extra
perl things -- a list i lost track of.

enjoy the new gimp.

i miss photo mosaic myself.


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