John Culleton wrote:

I only got to play with rc1 for less than a day and along comes 2.0.0 the real thing. I did useful work already with 2.0.0rc1 But I had trouble configuring extra fonts. The usual drill is to install e.g., freefont according to the directions in the file, including a couple of fp runs. This pus the freefont collection out where xfontsel can see them but Gimp doesn't see them at all.

The real 2.0.0 is compiling as I write. So what is the scoop on installing additional fonts in Gimp like the freefont and sharefont collections?

I've got over 1000 Windows TrueType fonts configured in XFree86 4.4.0 on Linux that Gimp 2.0 can access just fine.

I followed the process of installing fonts in X, documented here:

First, I followed the steps in section 2.2.2 and then I ran "fc-cache", as mentioned in sextion 2.1.1:

I forget if I needed to restart X or not but all of my fonts are accessible using the new text tool just fine. The Windows TTFs I have installed I downloaded from

I don't know if you're looking for TTF support like I'm using or support for other fonts. If you're running XFree86 4.3.0 or later, the above info should be all you need (read through all the font docs) to make the fonts accessible to Gimp.

Good luck... :)


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